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LauRen has started the month with 125 wins. This is her last week on air before giving birth to her second baby boy. Will she end the week with 130 wins? Listen & play week days 7:35am to find out! She got her 126th win today playing against first-timer Nick in Troutman!

  1. After an extensive investigation from Forbes, turns out this Jenner isn’t worth a billion dollars. She’s “only” worth about 900-million. Which Jenner was thought to be a billionaire? Kylie Jenner


  1. Taylor Swift called out President Trump on Twitter & it has become her most liked tweet EVER, currently at close to 2.2 million likes. What is her fan base called? Swifties


  1. Several celebrities are putting their money where their mouths are to help those protesting. John Legend’s wife donated $200,000 to bail out protestors across the country. Who is his wife? Chrissy Teigen


  1. Ally Brooke is writing a memoir, which will be released in October. What girl band did she start in alongside Camila Cabello? Fifth Harmony


  1. Two of pop’s biggest celebrities were out protesting over the weekend. Halsey & Pete Davidson’s ex-fiance took to the streets of LA to protest. Who is Pete’s ex-fiance? Ariana Grande