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A nonprofit in South Carolina called Hearts for Inmates is having a soap drive for prisons in their state, and also collecting donations to purchase 200 oximeters to test inmates for the coronavirus. Let’s discuss why we even need to ask for support for inmates. Currently, the United States has the highest prison population than any other country and South Carolina currently has twenty four prisons throughout the state. According to SCDC Profile as of June 30, 2014 there were over 20,000 inmates and over 10.000 of those inmates are sentenced under the Truth In sentencing Law.

South Carolina Department of Corrections requires that all inmates work within the institutions. Those inmates who work within these institutions are not receiving pay and are not given any work credits that will help the inmate earn time reduction. The Institutions are receiving free labor from the inmates without giving them any incentives for the work they are doing. In conclusion, the solutions that we pose are to reduce the mandatory minimum from 85% to 65 % retroactive including those with violent offensives, offering parole eligibility for all offenders and those who are sentenced under the “old laws” consider previous votes towards current eligibility year and reestablishing both good behavior and work credits for all.

I you’d  like to donate soap to this nonprofit, sign petitions or advocate for the voiceless, click here.


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