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A little over a year ago my family moved to Ballantyne, kinda by accident. We were living in Olde Providence out near Matthews and our Aupair Elena had just come to live with us. We loved our home but with 3 adults and a toddler things started to feel cramped so I thought, “I’ll just start LOOKING for new places to live.”

After about 2 months of unsuccessfully looking I almost gave up on my search but decided to open my scope to the city of Ballantyne.  It was our first day out in Ballantyne with our realtor and the first house we looked at when I fell in love.

We looked at probably 5 houses that day but I kept going back to the first. The only thing is this house was legit only on the market for 24 hours and our house wasn’t even listed yet. We decided to put in an offer anyway, to at least say “we tried”. They called us back a couple of hours later and said “Congrats you got the house!” I didn’t know whether to scream with excitement or throw up.

However, the move has been AMAZING for us. We love our new community and were recently featured in Ballantyne Magazine! You can catch my full interview here!