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When we’re cooped up inside all day, going out for a walk can help break up the routine. There are social and emotional benefits to a daily walk and it can even help boost your mental health. Walking gets us outside, gives us the chance to connect with nature and can ease anxiety. But you can also get more out of your walk and burn more calories and relieve stress at the same time. Here are some pointers from Michele Stanten, an ACE-certified trainer and meditation teacher Alexis Santos for turning your walk into a workout or a meditative experience.

Try these to supercharge your daily walk:

  • Walk with good posture – Stand up tall with your arms bent and keep them close to the body. Stranten also advises taking shorter steps “to move more fluidly and faster.”
  • Change up the terrain – Instead of taking the same route every day, switch things up by walking on grass, sand, dirt paths, flat roads, up and down hills to challenge your body.
  • Pick up the pace – Use intervals on your walk by alternating between periods of intense effort and a slower-paced trot. Try walking fast for 20 seconds or one block, then slower for 60 seconds or two blocks.
  • Incorporate strength exercises – Walking doesn’t have to be all cardio if you add some lunges with rotation, heel raises, push-ups and squats.

Source: Today