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DALLAS, TX - JUNE 13: In this handout photo provided by the Dallas Police Department bullet holes are seen in the glass windows of a police cruiser on June 13, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. A single gunman opened fire on the building early Saturday morning, reportedly unleashing multiple rounds and planting explosive devices around the station. No injuries have been reported. (Photo by Dallas Police Department via Getty Images)

Anyone who’s enjoyed a Hot Pocket can understand this man’s desperation.

A homeless man in California says it was worth it. He broke into a San Diego Wells Fargo bank, but apparently not to rob the place. He claims he was just hungry and wanted to use the microwave in the break room.

He managed to heat up and eat two Hot Pockets before police swarmed the outside. A photographer on scene asked the man if it was worth it. The homeless man replied “Was it worth it? Yeah, it was worth it. A Hot Pocket? Hell, yeah.”

Source: NBC San Diego