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As a new foster family, I was wondering how life is for our pets during this stay at home.

A new Yahoo poll finds:

  • 45% of pet owners say spending time with their pets during lockdown has increased their household’s happiness.
  • 39% say their pet helped lower their anxiety during such a stressful time.
  • 47% of millennials say they’ve gotten increased emotional support from their pets, something 43% of both Gen Zers and Gen Xer’s say.
  • 20% of people say they prefer working alongside their pets rather than their co-workers.

And it certainly seems that pets are also benefiting from all this extra time with their owners.

  • 33% of people say they now feel more attuned to their cat or dog.
  • 38% of owners say their pets appear to be happier now than before lockdown began.
  • 35% say their animal has been more playful.
  • 65% of owners say they are showing their pet increased affection
  • 47% of owners say they are talking to their pets more.
  • Cat owners are more likely to talk to their pets than dog owners (51% vs. 47%)
  • Although 33% of owners say their pets have put on weight, possibly due to getting extra treats.

Source: Yahoo