Carrigan Farm’s Swimming Quarry opens this Saturday (5/23) but they have added some new safety measures in response to COVID-19. Carrigan Farm’s swimming quarry is located at 1213 Oak Ridge Farm Highway, Mooresville, 28115. To enter, the cost is $15 to $20 at the door, depending on the date and swim session.

Carrigan Farms has added some new safety measures, including reduced capacity. Space is limited for families and groups, in addition to leaving space when out of the water and while swimming. Lifeguards are on duty during open swim. All people entering the water must wear a live vest unless they have taken and passed Carrigan Farm’s swim test. You can see more on rules and regulations here.

You can actually reserve your spot ahead of time with a $5 deposit. I have never been, but once things die down a little more, it is on my Summer to-do list for 2020. Maybe it will stop raining so people can enjoy it this Memorial Day weekend.

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