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Gender reveal parties have become so popular, people try to make them bigger and more over-the-top than ever (to the point that many wonder why we still need them at all). But with “over the top” comes the chance for things to go screwy…or worse. Finding out the sex of a baby should be a happy occasion for the parents. But that’s exactly what happened when Veronica Fernandez planned a gender reveal party for her sister’s baby and it landed her in the hospital.

Footage from the incident was recently shared on social media and shows the moment when a dart that was supposed to pop a balloon full of pink confetti lands in Fernandez’s ankle instead. She says she stood in the best spot to film the reveal and the parents’ reaction, but what she didn’t count on was the trajectory of the dart to bullseye.

The aunt-to-be says she felt a pinch and didn’t realize she’d been hit until she looked down and saw the dart sticking out of her foot. A trip to the ER took care of it and after a tetanus shot, Fernandez was good to go. She warns other party planners, “Don’t do this at home, or better yet, at all.” And since the video she posted on TikTok of the party fail has been viewed by over 4.5-million people, hopefully the masses will listen to her advice.

Source: New York Post