Over the weekend, the grand finals for the Madden Bowl 20 pit two of the years best against each other. Daniel “DCroft” Mycroft and Radiel “Joke” Brito faced off in the game, the later of which relied heavily on the run. On his way to the finals, Joke called over 100 plays, and not one of them put the ball in the air.


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No Passes?! How?!

The Madden Bowl for this has a salary cap format. Meaning at the start of the tournament players drafted current NFL stars and retired legends for their team. Most players spend on key impact positions like a wide receiver, running back, and the most expensive position, quarterback. Joke, on the other hand, played an interesting gambit. He saved millions by not drafting a quarterback at all. In fact, he ran a punter in the quarterback position. This allowed Joke to spend significantly more on his offensive and defensive lines and running back. With a stifling defense and a virtually impenetrable O-line, Joke faced DCroft in the finals with one of the most straight forward strategies ever.

3 Yards and A Cloud of Polygons

In the actual game, Joke would have made Woody Hayes proud. He kept to his strategy of smashmouth football, not once passing the ball. His running back, the legendary Gail Sayers, continually pounded the run to the left side and eventually broke for two touchdowns. On the defensive side, Joke kept DCroft to a goose egg. Mostly because Joke controlled possession and the clock forcing DCroft to pass nearly every time he had the ball. Eventually, Joke’s defense and clock management won out and the New Jersey native walked away with $65,000. The win caps off one of the best seasons of Madden ever, with Joke finishing no lower than 5th in three major tournaments.


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