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If your boo is terrible in bed, you’re not alone. And I’m not even talking sexytime. People have had it with sleeping next to their partner,. According to a new survey, it’s gotten so bad, many are considering separate beds. Aka a ‘sleep divorce.’

According to a new survey, 75% of Americans say sharing a sleep space has ruined their sleep quality, and 25% say it’s gotten even worse since the coronavirus hit. Which is probably why more than a third of people are ready to buy a bed separate from their boo. Think of it as nocturnal social distancing.

Sleeping in separate beds may seem like a step back in your relationship, but in reality, it just might save it. The survey found 10% have considered breaking up or getting divorced after a rough night of sleep and 3% have actually ended one over it. And even if it isn’t the direct cause of the breakup, it could be the spark to blow things up later. Close to half of the study said they always fight after a sleepless night and 52% said they have less sex. Sleeping on the couch tonight never sounded so good.

Here’s what people say their partners are doing that’s turning bedtime into a waking nightmare:

  1. Snoring (53%)
  2. Different sleep schedules (41%)
  3. Tossing and turning (36%)
  4. Sleep struggles (17%)
  5. Electronic device use (15%)

Source: Study Finds