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9 Dec 1998: The new Ashes Trophy on display along side the old urn at Lords in London, England. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Munday /Allsport

People will leave behind all sorts of items at airports when they are traveling. Most end up in lost and found while other items are at least attempted to be retrieved. What you don’t often see, is someone forgetting an urn with their mother’s ashes in it and never trying to retrieve it.

On December 26, 2019, someone left an ash-filled urn with the word ‘Mom’ inscribed on the front in a rental car that was dropped off at the London International Airport. Nearly five months later, no one has come to claim the urn, and airport officials have widened their search for the rightful owner.

The urn arrived at the airport in a rental car. It was turned in to airport officials, but there was no way to narrow down which car it was left in, or even which car rental company was involved. Airport officials thought someone would come back for it. When no one did, they tried to contact funeral homes in the London area, to no avail.  They are continuing their search for the rightful owner.

CBC News


Airport officials in London, Ont., are looking for the rightful owner of an urn left in a rental car.