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You should have a Snickers…you’ll feel better!

Is chocolate your weakness? Preferably a Snickers? Well, look no further. Snickers is feeding the graving of folks who really need a Snickers and it’s such a feel-good story.

Snickers will be sending a FREE Snickers bar to the essential worker in your life just by filling out a simple online form. It’s only a few short steps to make this happen and you can spread the kindness by clicking here! Essential workers will be able to redeem their Snickers at Walmart.

My personal favorite is the classic Snickers Bar.  Here is the full list of Snickers flavors, sizes and variants below!

  • Snickers Bites Pouch
  • Snickers Sharing Size
  • Snickers Bar
  • Snickers 2 to Go
  • Snickers Fun Size
  • Snickers Miniatures
  • Snickers Almonds 2 to Go
  • Snickers PB Squared
  • Snickers PB Squared 4 to Go
  • Snickers PB Squared Fun Size
  • Snickers PB Squared Miniatures
  • Snickers Ice Cream bars
  • Snickers Mini Ice Cream Bars
  • Snickers Ice Cream Cones
  • Snickers Ice Cream Brownies
  • Snickers Eggs
  • Snickers Egg PB


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