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Oh, the weight loss process is one we all dread after having a baby!

It is rarely easy to lose the weight you put on having a baby, but one mother-in-law’s attempt at motivation is super wrong on many levels. A woman shares on Reddit that she was having a tough time after giving birth to her first child ten years ago, noting she was “barely hanging on” when her mother-in-law made things even worse.

The woman said she had gained 20 pounds while pregnant and “was not feeling good about it,” when the MIL decided to send her some “motivation.” The MIL sent the woman a photo of her in her wedding dress from five years before, suggesting she put the picture on her fridge to “inspire” her to lose weight.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the MIL added “if all else fails, just remember: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!’” All things I would say/ do to myself but from someone else ?!?!

As you can imagine, the new mom felt the card was “annoying, insulting, and frankly unreasonable,” adding, “I’ve never really forgiven her for it.” And folks on Reddit don’t blame her.