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There’s no doubt that this year’s Mother’s Day wasn’t exactly your typical Mother’s Day, but we bet most people tried to do at least something to honor mom. Well, one woman found out her hubby wasn’t planning anything, and then he gave her a hard time about feeling bad about it.

The woman shares on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole?” forum that she never expects much from Mother’s Day, but she appreciates little things like a card or a homemade gift from her kids. While her kids are too little to do something for her themselves, she expected her hubby to step up, but apparently he didn’t.

The woman writes that while putting together orders for her cake and cupcake business her hubby came over and asked her, “so, do I have to celebrate mother’s day for you too?, I mean it’s just a day.’” She shares, “I responded: well now that I know you didn’t mean to do anything then just don’t do anything, just never mind,’” which prompted the husband to call her “dramatic” for “making a big deal about it.”

The mom then felt bad about it and asked folks whether she was wrong. She insists she wasn’t expecting much, noting, “I thought just a card from my kids maybe? I feel like I give so much as a mother I wouldn’t mind a day with a nice gesture.”

I definitely don’t think she is in the wrong and neither did most of Reddit. I know I would have been sorely disappointed if my husband behaved that way. As moms, we work HARD and it’s nice to have a little recognition!