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Many things are being put on hold because of the pandemic, but some things haven’t changed like babies are still being born. But it turns out, it’s had an impact on what parents are naming their newborns. According to a new survey of 13-hundred parents, almost half (43%) believe the coronavirus crisis will change the way babies are named and 7% of moms-to-be have already changed their name of choice as a result.

Names falling out of favor to include anything that sounds too much like “corona” or “virus,” including Cora, Corina, Ronan, Viola and Violet. And on the flip side, the pandemic has kicked off a new set of baby-naming trends. “Virtue” names that inspire hope are on the rise and preferred by seven in 10 of the parents surveyed. Heroic-themed names are also gaining popularity, honoring the essential workers out there saving lives, and “happiness” names are also among the favorites.

Here are some of the baby names that fall into the new trendy categories:

  • Hero names – Avery, Bravery, Florence (as in Florence Nightingale), Hero and Maverick
  • Virtue names – Charity, Constance, Faith, Hope, Patience, Promise and True
  • Happiness names – Bliss, Blythe (meaning carefree), Felicity (meaning happiness at home), Joy and Solomon or Sol (meaning peaceful)
  • Secure names – Harbour and Haven
  • Rainbow names – Blue, Indigo, Iris, and Red

Source: Cosmopolitan