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Lowe’s is surprising some moms who can’t be with their family this Mother’s Day. The company is sending one million flower baskets to more than 500 senior care facilities in several cities hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press release. This includes New York, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Houston, and Miami.

Not only that, but Uber is doing the deliveries. Lowe’s chief of branding and marketing, Marisa Thalberg, explains why they’re taking this step. “Mother’s Day is a special time of celebration between mothers, grandmothers, and their children. Our hearts go out to the millions of families nationwide who won’t be able to be with their loved ones this year.”

To add goodness to the story, all the flowers are coming from small business growers and nurseries. The flowers will all have a special note of appreciation. Lowe’s hopes they’ll bring joy to those who may be feeling alone right now.

Source: Fox News