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engagement ring

There’s no official right or wrong way to ask someone to marry you, but there is an unwritten rule you probably want to follow – don’t pop the question with the same ring you gave your ex. But that’s what one guy did and his fiancée didn’t know at first and loved the ring … until he accidentally let it slip. In a Reddit post, he asks if he’s the a**hole for proposing with the ring he bought for his ex and he’s getting flack for it.

The man writes that he bought the ring a few years back for his then-girlfriend and she knew about it, but he never got around to the proposal part. When they broke up, he says he kept the engagement ring “because it’s still a nice ring.” Fast forward a couple of years and he’s ready to propose to his new love, but instead of buying a new ring or reconfiguring the old one, he uses the exact same ring. The new fiancée didn’t know and loved the ring, until he revealed the truth one night when they were talking about the ring and he said, “I’m just glad I didn’t sell it five years ago.” Oh, I would have lost it!

She had questions and he gave her the truth, which she didn’t take well. She got mad, called him a “cheap a**hole” for giving her a hand-me-down ring, then tossed it out the window.

Now he wonders if he’s in the wrong and Redditors let him know that yep, he’s wrong here. Some say he never should’ve shared this information, others say they would be hurt if they got a ring bought for someone else and I’m right there with them!