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HONG KONG, CHINA - MAY 05: A couple push a baby cary as riot police secure an area during a 'Sing With You' rally at a shopping mall on May 5, 2020 in Hong Kong, China. In Hong Kong, there have been more than 1,040 cases so far following months of stringent quarantine measures and closed borders. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

Protesters with ReOpen NC gathered in Raleigh near the General Assembly and continued their demand that Governor Roy Cooper opens the state up for business, according to The North State Journal.

Many protestors say there is renewed hope that North Carolina will soon reopen, but say after a ReOpen NC administrator said she tested positive for COVID-19 and another was arrested, they are backing away from the group. Source WECT News

On the opposite side, a group of medical professionals stood outside the North Carolina Legislative Building a block away and showed their support for the governor’s decisions and cautioned against reopening the state too soon. There surely is a clear divide between the residents of North Carolina.

ReOpen NC’s group on Facebook has continued to grow and is now over 74,000 members and you can see more about the group here. Gov. Roy Cooper will talk about the reopening process at a press conference this evening which you can see here.

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