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If you have kids, getting any “me time” can be a challenge. And during lockdown? Even tougher. But you still deserve it and what better time than Mother’s Day to take it? The thing is, how do you get a break with the kiddos right there? Here are a few ideas that may help you find a few minutes of peace and still leave you with plenty of time to celebrate your special day with the ones who made you a mother.

  • Give ‘em what they want: Screen time – If you have time limits and rules for your kids’ screen time, this is the time to break them. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra time to play video games or watch TV and depending on your family’s set-up, it may be your only option to keep them entertained so you can catch a break for an hour.
  • Sensory time – If you have little kids, pull out the Play-Doh or give them some bowls, cups, spoons, and oats to play with. It seems simple, but it’ll keep them entertained.
  • Go for a family bike ride – If you’ve got a pull-behind trailer, you’ll get your own time with the breeze in your face and the kids safely behind. If they’re older, they can ride their own bikes and you’ll get to enjoy the ride.
  • Come up with a list of activities ahead of time – Come up with a mix of age-appropriate fun activities for your kids to do and make sure they know not to bother you during that time unless it’s an emergency.
  • Just let them do their own thing and hope for the best – If your kids are old enough, you could try letting them do whatever they want and snag a few minutes for yourself. You’ll be right there if they really need you and you can think of it as teaching them independence and how to solve problems on their own.