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$109… $69 less than usual

So this is a thing…An aquarium in Japan is asking members of the public to video chat with its eels to keep the animals accustomed to humans during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo, which is home to about 300 spotted garden eels, said the ocean creatures had grown accustomed to the presence of humans peering into their tanks, but since the aquarium closed March 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic the eels have started to become more skittish.

The facility announced it was holding a “face-showing festival” May 3-5 for members of the public to use FaceTime on Apple devices to video conference with the eels on screens set up around the tanks. They said the eels will be able to see the callers, and the callers will hopefully be able to see the eels.

Source: UPI