One of the many fun things about me is that I like to be outdoors. And guess what? Strawberry season usually runs from April to the beginning of June.

A lot of these places are adding hand washing stations, enforcing social distancing, and more to help make your experience safer. Some are also enforcing only buying the bucket you touch, no allowance of bringing your own basket as well. You still want to use your own judgment, but this could be fun. Be sure to call to ensure the self-pick option is currently available in case of any last-minute changes.

  1. Wise Acres
    4701 Hartis Road Indian Trail
    Spring: Strawberries
  2. Ivy Place
    8603 Van Wyck Road, Lancaster, SC
  3. Piedmont Produce
    4212 E. HWY 218, Monroe
  4. Deer Run Farms of Midland
    12325 US-601, Midland
  5. Lineberger’s Maple Spring Farm
    906 Dallas Stanley Hwy, Dallas
  6. Black’s Peaches
    1800 Black Highway, York, SC
  7. Carrigan Farms
    1261 Oak Ridge Farm Hwy, Mooresville

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