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Imagine thinking you have the ideal life with the perfect husband, until he reveals a dark secret that changes it all. That’s what happened to one woman who had been happily married for almost three years until her husband told her that they didn’t meet the way she thought. And it turns out, he went to creepy extremes to get her to go out with him.

The 32-year-old woman shares the shocking details in a Reddit post, explaining how she was introduced to Dave by a coworker five years ago. But he recently told her he actually found her on a dating app first and even though she rejected him, he knew they were “perfect” for each other and found a way to trick her into dating him. He created fake profiles and catfished her, stalked her online and in real life, and even befriended her coworker to have him introduce them later. So weird! Dave even set updates using the fake profiles, only to ghost her at the last second, all to mess with her self-esteem.

Her husband even paid a guy $1,000 to go out with her, then ditch her when it was going well! OMG, this guy thinks he’s in the movie Hitch!

When she asked him why he did this, he told her she “was a dumb girl chasing guys out of her league” and that she needed a reality check to see the best guy was him. She says she was horrified he did all this and turned to Reddit for advice, writing, “Technically nothing has changed, except what I now know.” People were outraged by her story and some compared it to that Netflix show “You” and others say it sounds fake. But one commenter had a good point, “If he would go to such lengths to get you to date him, what would he do if you ever tried to leave?”

Good question!