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. Just like being in the cold, wet hair may make you uncomfortable, but it does not cause a cold—only viruses do that.

Yesterday I noticed my loofa was still wet and started to question if it was even clean to use? Warm and damp sounds like a bacteria-infested dream. I did a little digging:

  • Can the virus live on our bath accessories? If you’re scrubbing down with anything made of plastic, here’s the deal. The National Institutes of Health says the coronavirus can live on plastic for up to three days.
  • What about if you used soap? According to infectious disease physician Sudeb C. Dalai, “washing any object with soap would disinfect and neutralize the majority of organisms and pathogens on the surface.” But that doesn’t mean your loofa is necessarily safe. When things are left sitting damp, Dalai says they attract any nearby bacteria, so don’t be gross
  • Switch to Washcloths. Dermatologist Melanie Palm highly recommends everyone makes the switch to cotton washcloths for the time being. They’re washable, they dry faster, and they’re less likely to harbor any viruses. Plus they’re just taking up space in your closet anyway.

You know it’s a crazy time when you have to worry about keeping a washroom, washed.

Source: HuffPost