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My Disney trip is in the toilet this year… My wife and I are still looking for a much-needed trip outta town. So we looked into Airbnb to see what their Phase 3 plans are. Here’s what we found from them and the hotel chain, Hilton.

Hilton recently announced they are partnering with Lysol and the Mayo clinic to make sure their hotels are properly cleaned. They call their new plan “Hilton CleanStay,” and while they are still working out all the details, some of the steps they plan to make include:

  • Rooms will have an official seal on the door indicating that nobody’s accessed it after a deep cleaning.
  • Pens, paper, and guest directories will be removed in favor of a digital option.
  • There will be extra disinfection on light switches, door handles, TV remotes, and more.
  • High traffic areas will feature disinfecting wipe stations.
  • Contactless check-in and check-out via mobile app, along with digital room keys.
  • The use of electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet light in the cleaning process.
  • Hotel cleaners will be given personal protective equipment and extra training.
  • Meanwhile, Airbnb has also instituted a new set of guidelines for hosts, which aren’t required but suggested. The “cleaning protocol” comes with a manual of over 40 pages, highlighting specific chemicals and products to use when cleaning rooms and properties.
  • For those who choose to follow the guidelines, Airbnb is requiring a minimum of 24 hours between rentals in order to reduce the chance of guests coming in contact with residual viruses. And good news for guests, they will be able to see in advance whether hosts have opted in for the protocol.

Source: USA Today