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This is nuts! A guy shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that he’s expecting his girlfriend to pay him $250 for accidentally washing his Airpods. He explains that the gal did the laundry and failed to realize that his Airpods were in the pocket of his sweatpants, thereby ruining the headphones.

He’s laying all the blame on his girlfriend, saying he didn’t remember they were in the sweatpants and blasted her for being so “clueless” as to not check his pockets first before doing the wash. While she claimed it was an “honest mistake,” he noted it was one that “cost me $250.” He then demanded she gives him $250 for the ruined Airpods, noting, “If this was a job and you cost them money they would fire you and make you pay them back. No expectations here just because I’m her boyfriend [in my opinion].”

As you can imagine, people on Reddit were quick to let the man know he is indeed the “A-hole.”