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2 years, neutered, 84 lbs, A1164895 Loved hanging out with this sweet boy! He would be the perfect family dog to whoever is looking for an easy going, calm/chill, cuddly dog. Jonas also didn’t jump, didn’t bark, and was non reactive to other dogs. This boy is easy to fall in love with!

A North Carolina family’s dog is the first canine known to test positive for the coronavirus.

The family was involved in a study at Duke Medical Center when the father, mother, and son tested positive for the virus. The study included having their pets tested and found that their pug, named Winston, was infected.

Mom Heather McLean says the researchers came to the house to give the tests and her son Ben says it makes sense Winston got sick since he licks the dinner plates and sleeps with Heather. The pug recovered in just a few days. The family’s other pets, another dog, a cat, and a lizard all got clean bills of health.

Pets can get the virus from humans, but cannot pass it back. Source: WRAL