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Wow! What a tangled web! I could NEVER get on board with this!

I guess you never know what life is going to throw at you and one woman has found herself in some next level soap opera level drama. In a Reddit post the OP explains that her ex broke up with her in January, telling her he had feelings for his coworker – though he “hadn’t acted on them yet.” A few weeks later, that coworker had a miscarriage and her ex was the dad. And after a couple more weeks, the OP woman realizes she’s pregnant, too…with her ex’s baby.

Okay, so they decide to work out a 50/50 custody deal, but here’s where it gets wild. The ex and his coworker are now engaged and the coworker has apologized for the affair (she says didn’t know he was cheating with her). And now they want the mom-to-be to use names they had picked FOR THE CO-WORKER’S BABY! The knife they’re twisting? The “other woman” says it’s unlikely she’ll ever have kids and they’re sentimental names.

Mom-to-be has tried to be a sport, but the ex and his fiancé are trying to bully her…saying there are ‘two of them and only one of her, so she’s ‘outvoted’.” Even worse? They’re saying she can name her next kid and they called her “unsympathetic.” Now she’s asking Reddit if she’s in the wrong. Redditors are amazed by the couples’ sense of entitlement and remind mom-to-be that she doesn’t have to do ANYTHING they’re asking.