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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

This is some stuff I would get upset over …

A man and his wife are on the outs after she revealed she cheated on him … in a dream. The wife recently told him she dreamed that she slept with his best friend and he didn’t take it well. The husband explained the situation in a Reddit post, writing that “When she brings it up she gets a big old smile and says ‘yes, I had sex with him,’” and he adds that “The smile is what hurt me the most.”

He says after she told him about the dream, he went downstairs to cool off and when she came down a few minutes later and tried to hug him, he shrugged it off. This caused her to go back upstairs “swearing and slamming doors.” The husband says he’s still angry with her, because even though he knows it’s a dream, “it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt” – especially since the dream-cheating was with his lifelong best friend.

If there’s good news, it’s that the hubs admits he probably overreacted a little, though he still asked if he’s out of line for feeling hurt. Most Redditors commented that he’s not a jerk for feeling this way and a lot point out that his reaction is more about her smiling about it than the dream itself. I feel ya!

Some question why the wife would tell him at all, some say she told him to make him jealous, and others say she probably told him because she felt it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t want to keep it a secret.