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Trying to find the perfect name for your baby is something parents take seriously, but sometimes, even though they think they nailed it, they realize it’s not right after all. That’s what happened to one new mom who thought she loved her baby girl’s name … until she realized her nickname would be “Lasagna.” And now she’s having some serious regrets.

In a Reddit post, the mom explains that she always wanted her daughter’s name to be Elizabeth and planned to use Jane as her middle name and call her EJ. But while she was pregnant, her husband’s mom died, so she decided to use her name, Anya [[Ahn-Yuh]] as the middle name with Jane after it. When the baby was born, Elizabeth was shortened to Liz and then her sister pointed out that with her middle name, it creates “Lasagna” – which is exactly what it sounds like when you say “Liz Anya” together.

The mom wasn’t worried at first, but since her own family won’t stop calling the baby girl “Lasagna,” she’s afraid her daughter will get teased at school about it. Now she’s not speaking to her family and she’s not sure what to do about the name. DRAMA!

Some people were quick to comment that kids will find something to pick on no matter what her name is, others feel it might be worth a name change. The mom updated her post to say she and her husband are going to legally change the name to Elizabeth Jane Anya to avoid the unfortunate nickname. It gives me something to think about while I am still deciding on baby #2’s name! Jeez!