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404017 04: A Big Game lottery ticket is visible as it spits out of a lottery machine at a Citgo gas station April 16, 2002 in Russell, Illinois, a small community in northern Illinois on the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Thousands of people are rushing to snap up tickets for the Tuesday night April 16, 2002 drawing, the second-biggest lottery jackpot in U.S. history. The jackpot in the seven-state game played in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia climbed $25 million Monday, April 15, 2002 after strong sales over the weekend. By the time of the drawing, the prize could swell past the U.S. record of $363 million, split by two Big Game winners in 2000. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Usually, a mistake costs you money. But in this case, a mistake won two long-time friends from Canberra, Australia, millions of dollars. Two long-time friends usually take turns purchasing Oz Lotto tickets, one buying a ticket one week, the other buying a ticket the other. But one week, one of the friends made a mistake and purchased a ticket, too. Luck was on her side, as that happened to be the winning ticket!

“I can’t believe this. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m in it with a friend! We take turns buying Oz Lotto tickets every week. It wasn’t even my turn this week, I mistakenly bought the ticket thinking it was my week. I’m so glad I did! I cannot wait to tell her, she will fall over! We used to work together and we’ve been buying lottery tickets together for about 20 years. Oh god. We’ve waited so long for a win like this!” exclaimed the winner.

The pair took home the division one prize of $2,289,010.50. The pair usually spends their lotto winnings on a Christmas luncheon and then a shopping spree. Well, guess this Christmas will be one for the books then!

Source: the Lott