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(Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)

Oh this is so good haha! One Canadian woman is certainly glad she decided to get breast implants after they apparently saved her life. The unnamed 30-year-old had been walking in Toronto when she felt pain on the left side of her chest, looked down, and saw blood. At the emergency room, she learned she’d been shot above her left nipple. But apart from a fractured right rib, she was relatively fine.

That’s because her breast implants had taken the brunt of the blow, as doctors say the bullet had traveled through her left implant, then deflected to her right implant, which was struck so forcefully that it “completely flipped.” Doctors at a trauma center removed both implants and the copper-jacketed 0.40 caliber bullet.

The woman, given antibiotics and advised not to get new implants for at least six months, recovered fully. It’s unclear where the bullet came from but police never found the weapon or the person who fired it.