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I think this is a brilliant idea, especially in quarantine. It’s fun for all of us!

Lots of people are going on FaceTime and Skype dates these days, but one New York actress and influencer is adding a new twist to virtual dating. Urszula Makowska is letting her friends swipe for matches on her behalf on the dating app Hinge and set her up on blind virtual dates. She then broadcasts the dates live to her 230-thousand Instagram followers and lets them call the shots.

The 25-year-old doesn’t know anything about the guys she’s being set up with beforehand – not their name, interest, what they look like, or even their age. The dates happen every Sunday and last only one hour, then her followers get to decide if the pair should have a second date or not. She’s also inviting relationship experts onto the stream to weigh in on the couple’s “psychological compatibility,” and common interests and differences.

Urszula says she’s loving the experience so far. “This is not only entertaining but a great way for me to meet someone that may end up being my partner,” she explains.