Coronavirus Information Report

Wow! This virus just keeps on changing and changing. I recently read an article talking about reports of patients experiencing a rash in relation to COVID-19.

In this particular article out of Los Angeles, the young lady experience a rash similar to measles. She even experienced her toe turning blue and the rash was painful. Man! This right here is scary. The American Association of Dermatology is asking anyone that experience these issues to please report them to your doctor so they can continue to log cases. Man, the fact that they don’t have enough cases or frankly not many reports of this is scary to me because to me, this means this virus could be changing. I take as many precautions that I can because I go out daily to work to make sure I’m not bringing anything home. I’m a diabetic and my youngest son has had respiratory issues in the past. So for me, it’s scary and serious.

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