Babbbby! This here is FUNNY! Care packages are important, especially during this time. It shows the obvious concern for your well being. There is one sender, in particular, that is looking to ensure the well-being of his recipients in a way that we could not imagine. 

Did you know liquor was essential to surviving COVID-19? Well According to Nairobi’s governor Mike Sanko, he has included small bottles of cognac Hennessy in the care packages. He claims it “ sanitizes the throat.” WHO (WorldHealthOrganization,) opposes this belief and actually advises people to limit alcohol consumption for it can enable vulnerability to the virus among other illnesses. Hennessy also stands by and refuses any claim that Hennessy can protect anyone against the virus as they should. 

Hennessy can surely make quarantine a lot more interesting but do drink moderately and remember to protect yourself as you practice social distancing.

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