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If you could see your body’s energy level like you do your phone’s battery, you’d probably be panic searching for a charger right about now. This crisis is exhausting! Who knew sitting around inside could be so tiring. But since we can’t just nap all day, here are some energy pick-me-ups to help you power through.

Drink water. Are you getting your eight glasses? Water plays a key role in transporting nutrients around the body and removing waste products. Giving your body some high-quality H2O during the lockdown will fight off headaches, help you concentrate, and fend off fatigue.

Get your magnesium. It’s number 12 on the periodic table, but it should be your number one nutrient to keep in mind when you’re feeling tired all the time.  It helps with over 300 processes within the body, including energy metabolism. So load up on magnesium-rich foods like leafy greens, almonds, seeds, bananas, or fish.

Cut out the junk. Even though a big huge bowl of carbs and sugar sounds like “self-care” right now, your body is going to hate you later. Fill your plate with a colorful array of veggies along with quality protein and healthy fats instead. Especially if you’ve been experiencing some huge energy crashes. That’s most likely your blood sugar telling you to pump the breaks on the lunch break ice cream.