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There’s a good chance that 100% of pizza delivery people never thought they’d eventually have to risk their health to bring people food when they first applied. But that’s the current state of things. Delivery workers are out and about dropping packages, food, groceries, and more on our doorsteps, and it’s time we give them the appreciation they deserve. With a big fat tip.

Here’s some things to factor in the next time you’re crunching the numbers on your tip. Obviously, we’ve got that whole coronavirus crisis and risk of catching a virus thing. That’s a big one. Next, you’ve got to factor in that a lot of delivery drivers get the bulk of their cash from the tips. Now add in that many of these services have just made the switch from being a side gig to full-time jobs for some people, and you’ve got the recipe for a heaping helping of gratuity. So let’s get down to dollars and cents.

How Much? Pre-coronavirus, a 10% to 20% tip would have worked just fine for delivery. However, right now 20% or more should be your baseline. A good rule of thumb is tipping 5% more than you typically would. But times are tough, so if you can’t afford a bigger tip, the least you can do is make sure you rate your driver highly in the app. You can also write a positive review on the restaurant’s Google listing or on your community’s most popular site for reviews.”

Also, I am sure digital tips are preferred due to safety concerns but if you would like to exchange cash, consider using a clean envelope to leave outside your door for them. It’s kind of like a mini-hostage exchange for your chicken nuggets!