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Australian authorities are not messing around when it comes to the coronavirus lockdown. If you leave your home, they will find you.

A South Australian couple was hit with a hefty fine from cops for nonessential travel amid the pandemic after the pair posted old vacation photos on Facebook while at home obeying the lockdown rules.

Garry and Jaz Mott had cops show up at their door four days after posting the pictures and they both got hit with a $1,0000 fine for violating the lockdown order. The couple was also warned that if they “posted any more photos,” they would “be arrested.”

The police eventually owned up to the misunderstanding and revoked the fine but it took almost two weeks to do so. Man … I better watch what I post from now on. Let’s be VERY clear with our #TBT!

KimThoa DaoNguyen

Aussie couple fined for violating coronavirus lockdown after posting vacation pics from 2019 Joseph Wilkinson By JOSEPH WILKINSON NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | APR 14, 2020 | 4:29 PM Jaz and Garry Mott of...