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NEW YORK - JANUARY 2: New York Department of Parks and Recreation workers load Christmas trees into a mulch machine after a news conference promoting Christmas tree recycling January 2, 2003 in New York City. The recycling program dubbed Mulchfest 2003 encourages New Yorkers to bring their holiday trees to designated sites to be converted into wood chips to be used for mulch. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

It’s great that people want to recycle, but what they put in the bin for pick up might not be appreciated.

Case in point: Bluewater Recycling in Ontario found a large sword. Yes, a fancy metal sword. The Company had this to say about the find, and it wasn’t appreciative. In their Facebook post, Bluewater noted that the weapon could have damaged machinery or a staffer.

Then they said “Just because something is made of metal and may be perfectly recyclable at a local scrap yard, does not mean it is acceptable in the blue box for recycling.”

Bluewater Recycling Association

MOST UNWANTED: April Edition Item: SWORD?!?!?!!? Result: Luckily th... is items was found before going through our machinery or it could have caused expensive damage to our machines and SERIOUS Health and Safety issues for our employees. Please note that something that might be recyclable is not necessarily acceptable in the blue box program.

Source: UPI