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The next time you’re swiping through your apps looking for a lady that’s into a casual hookup, your best bet is to look for some ink. According to a new study, women with tattoos are generally more open sexually than their non-tatted counterparts.

Not only did researchers in Canada want to study the validity of the “tattooed women are promiscuous” stereotype, but they also wanted to find out if egalitarianism contributed to sexuality. Basically, egalitarianism is how much you believe everyone is equal and their hypothesis was that the higher the score someone has, the more likely they’re looking to score.

Interestingly, the study did find that inked ladies did show more of a willingness to engage in uncommitted sexual relations, higher levels of sensation-seeking, and had higher endorsements for egalitarianism. Sorry to everyone thinking about how many tattoos their mom has right now. 

Source: Metro