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What is Powerpoint Nights?

This fun, quick thinking, on-the-spot style game originates from TikTok, the hot new social app. This game is simple and fun, and improves your public speaking skills in a very creative, care-free way. Also, if you want to add even more of a twist to the game, for the adults, there is a drinking version of Powerpoint Nights, details found below.

What You Need:

A computer or laptop, any Powerpoint presentation system, whether that be Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides, and at least two or three people. 

How To Play:

Each person creates a powerpoint presentation on a topic of their choice. You can make it as random or as specific as you want. Some examples could be toe fungus, the idea to start Google Earth by having workers take road trips around the whole world. Take it as seriously or silly as you’d like. After all powerpoints are finished and made, the twist is, the group randomizes the presentations, and you have to present someone else’s powerpoint, without knowing the topic that they choose. This can be loads of fun and laughter, depending on the topics that were chosen! I provided a link to one of the TikTok videos here!

An example of the game being played can be seen in this Twitter post.

Drinking Version

Following Michal’s rules, a slideshow shall not go over 3 minutes. If your presentation exceeds the three minute time limit, you shall finish your drink and finish your presentation after finishing the drink. For every minute you take after that point, take another drink. That’s really the only rule, so get your point across quickly.

You can have friends give awards, as Michal suggests to make it even more fun. Awards like best dressed, best presentation, most innovative idea, etc.

Please drink safely and responsibly.

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige