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Producer Nicole has been on a health journey during the quarantine and it inspired me! As many are finding out now, it’s the little things that help create happiness.

One of those little things is a daily routing filled with healthy habits. While our life has changed, that doesn’t and shouldn’t. Here are some healthy habits to adopt so you can be healthier and happier.

  • Replace your phone alarm with a good old alarm clock. Your phone should be far away as you sleep.
  • Drink a pint of water in the morning. Exhaustion is often linked to dehydration.
  • Listen to podcasts during your commute time. If working from home, make time for them.
  • Streamline your wardrobe.
  • Thin the herd in your drawers.
  • Skip all caffeine after lunch.
  • Practice restorative yoga.
  • Read before bed.
  • Batch cook on Sundays.

Source: Pop Sugar