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Need something to smile about today?

A local North Carolina Pediatrics office got creative and created a TikTok video urging people to stay-at-home in a fun way. Dr. Michael G. Borja and his team wanted to inform North Carolinians on the importance of the Governor Roy Coopers statewide orders.

So, with a little help from The Weeknd’s beats and some groovy dance moves, these essential workers found the bright light during this difficult time. Check out the TikTok video below of this superhero in scrubs.

Tracy Borja on TikTok

Tracy Borja(@tracyborja) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. #happyathome #healthheroes #theweekendchallenge #blindinglightschallenge

This is exactly what I needed today so thank you Northlake Pediatrics for making me smile. We can’t thank you enough for serving our community. P.S. I am staying at home! You can see more about this doctor’s office and local care by clicking here.

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