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If you’re fortunate to not have to work the day after Thanksgiving (or after any other night of heavy drinking), just lounge in bed or on the couch and sleep/rest it off.  The human body has the ability to heal itself when it’s at rest.  #Science

Have you given up on jeans or pants with buttons and have now committed to full-time leggings life? Lots of us are living our most comfortable lives right now and for some that means wearing the same pair for days in a row. And while we may be loving our new uniform, experts warn it may not be the best idea to wear our stretchy pants for days between washings.

And that’s because our bodies give off a lot of gross stuff that can end up on your clothing. According to Tide scientist Jennifer Ahoni, even if you don’t workout, you produce one liter of sweat, 10 grams of salt, 40 grams of sebum, and 10 grams of skin cells and flakes. Wearing your leggings more than once means that stuff builds up and they may end up pretty stinky. And Ahani says if they’re made with synthetic fabric, they’re more likely to get smellier faster.

“I look at tight-fitting leggings the same way that I look at underwear,” explains dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. “They really should be changed and washed daily.” But if you’re lounging around all day and wearing undies with your leggings – which apparently isn’t necessary – the rules for washing aren’t as strict. Your underwear provides a barrier between your parts and the leggings, so if you’re not going commando, you can probably get two or three wears out of them.

Source: Well and Good