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397612 02: An uncut sheet of the new Series 2001 one dollar bill notes is stored November 21, 2001 at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC. The new dollar bills contain the signatures of U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O''Neill and U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Use your imagination on this one with me…

You walk into a bar and instead of wall paper, there are dollar bills. Not hundreds, but thousands covering the wall floor to ceiling, and then on the ceiling. There are quite a few bars that do this. I, personally, have seen them in Wilmington and in Key West. Hopefully your imagination worked well for that, because it’s kinda needed for this story.

Jennifer Knox is the bar owner of The Sand Bar in Tybee Island, Georgia. Like many other restaurants and bars, The Sand Bar had to close it’s doors after stay-at-home orders went into place and mandated restaurants switch to takeout and delivery only. While these orders are helping control the spread of the virus they are also leaving struggling businesses with the tough decision of letting go of their employees.

Jennifer Knox found a way that she could help her employees.

Those dollar bills that you worked so hard on imagining! She told CNN, “We were sitting there doors locked and I’m like oh my gosh, ‘there’s money on the walls and we have time on our hands.”

After the bills were taken down, it took over a week to clean them and get them counted. In total, $3,714 were collected.

Some of those dollar bills are 15 years old! The story keeps getting better though. Several customers decided to donate to the cause as well. In total, she was able to distribute $4,104 to her staff. Four bartenders and two musicians each were given $600, she said.

So awesome Jennifer!

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Source: CNN