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Let’s face it; Easter is not going to be turning out like any of us thought this year. With stay home orders in effect, and the word preaching to social distance, this Easter will definitely be different. But it doesn’t have to be bad! I’ve been doing my best to support local businesses while this is all going on, because many of our local business is struggling, and trying to find creative ways to make money.

Well, three local businesses in Charlotte have paired together to offer an awesome package for Easter. Confetti Castle, Enchanted Fairytale Parties, and The Wow Factor Cakes are offering pre-filled (sanitized) Easter eggs, with cookie decorating kits, balloons, and most importantly… The Easter bunny! That’s right; At your scheduled pick-up time, the Easter Bunny will wave to your kids and take a photo outside of your car.

I love this creative idea. It’s a great way to not only still do something to celebrate Easter this year, but also to help out local businesses.

CLICK HERE for more info!