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Living with a roommate isn’t always easy and when that roommate is a sibling it can be even worse. Well, one guy who was considering living with his sister reconsidered his decision after finding out her strict set of house rules, and we don’t really blame him.

The 20-year-old recently shared on Reddit that his 22-year-old sister asked him to move in with her and at first he thought it may be a good idea since she has a nice house and he figured the rent wouldn’t be too high. Before making a decision he asked her for info on expenses, like the rent, utilities, and general shopping items, and instead got a list of house rules that made him reconsider his decision.

Among the rules:

  • No eating or drinking – unless using a bottle – in the bedroom
  • No mess in the bedroom
  • Must not go out every night – stay home some nights
  • Can’t bring the guys home all the time – only sometimes
  • Must chip in with her dog cleaning chores
  • Must be the driver if they need to go shopping
  • Must cook the meals – if they’re having the same one

“I told her I won’t be moving in somewhere to be parented,” he writes, noting, “if I want to bring guys home I will, I won’t be loud though because I’m considerate that others are in the house.” Then, since he’s a law student, he noted that as his landlord what she was asking was technically illegal, and showed her some laws to prove his point, and that caused even more drama, with his mom telling him he was “out of line.”

But folks on Reddit praised him for how he handled things. Jeeze. I didn’t think those rules were THAT bad!

Happy National Sibling Day @merolavincenzo !!!! Thanks for making life more interesting! Love you kiddo! #nationalsiblingsday

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