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Coronavirus Information Report

NEW YORK - MAY 7: A job applicant speaks with recruiter Renee Chandler (R) during an interview May 7, 2003 at the offices of Metro Support Group in New York City. The nation's jobless rate climbed to six percent in April, rising for the third straight month, adding up to half a million lost jobs. New York's job market has especially been hit hard, with many applicants being unable to find work. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Lots of Americans are expected to be looking for work due to the fallout of the coronavirus, and unfortunately, job searching is still about as fun as you remember. It turns out a microscopic virus can do more harm to your job prospects than a bad reference. To give you an idea of what the current hiring market is like here are some stories from people already on the hunt.

  • Professional licensing is becoming a hurdle. Hannah Reckman is a third-year master’s student at Ohio University and was about to graduate when the coronavirus postponed it indefinitely. Now she’s worried about her eligibility to receive the speech-language pathologist license she’s been working towards since she’s also lost her ability to get clinical hours as well. All she can do is sit and hope the seven years she’s put into a degree wasn’t a waste.
  • The job market is flooded. Sales and marketing specialist Christina Laskorunsky got laid off from her job pre-coronavirus so you can imagine her surprise when her competition just boomed. But despite her situation, she does say there are a few bright sides. She says she’s got three months of savings to coast on, still has her health, and has enjoyed the “decline in FOMO-inducing social media posts” that usually made her feel like an “unemployed loser.”

So things aren’t pretty but you can help yourself by getting as prepared as mentally and fiscally possible. A good place to start might be to keep on reading other people’s struggles HERE so you can learn from them. Happy hunting everyone!

Source: HuffPost