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Trying to keep yourself active and busy while staying at home? It can be a challenge, but it’s even more of one for us parents who are trying to occupy their kids, too. Now that parks and playgrounds are closed, playdates are cancelled, and they’re not getting PE at school, children are cooped up with lots of energy and nowhere to use it!

One clever dad in Chicago created an indoor obstacle course for his little girl and encourages others to do the same. Brain McCabe is a personal trainer who came up with a great way to help his three-year-old daughter burn off her endless energy. He shared his creation in a video on Facebook, which shows little Ayaana dressed in a tutu impressively completing the obstacle course made with things found around their home.

It shows her crawling under an easel, spinning over a stool, moving rolls of toilet paper from one side of the corridor to the other, jumping through a ladder on the floor, kicking a ball, and bouncing on a mini trampoline, among other feats. She makes it all look easy and with any luck, she’s using up some of that non-stop energy.

Maybe we should give this a try!


We're doing this with our neighbors...figured let's go bigger with it ????????‍♂️ Show us your course in the comments ???????????? #punkyobstaclecourse