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So I’m officially home locked. My doctor has ordered me to stay home. I’m considered immunocompromised and therefore it’s safer for me not to broadcast from our main studios, but do my shows from my home.

The car hasn’t moved in days. I’ve stayed in. I’m not scared, nor avoiding leaving. If I need supplies I will happily go outside with the proper precautions, but staying indoors has given me new insight into my life. More specifically, my body.

I believe because my body feels most comfortable at home, it thinks it can break all the rules. I’m weirdly getting hungry at 5am, when breakfast is typically at 8am. My bowel movements seem to want to occur at any second, regardless if I’m actually busy working. Am I the only one noticing their system is now all messed up? Let me know! DM at @kissroyboy on Instagram.