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Outside the church

In times of crisis, the best of people can really come out. However, the worst in people also come out. For instance, in Argentina, Héctor Aníbal Gimenez, better known as “Pastor Gimenez,” has been accused of trying to profit off of the coronavirus pandemic by selling “Blessed antibacterial gel” to his followers.

Officials say that the bottles of this “blessed” gel, which are nothing more than antibacterial gel, were being offered at the Temple of Waves of Love and Peace, located in Buenos Aires and on the church’s Facebook page. The pastor also promoted how this gel would protect people from the coronavirus.

However, the pastor says that he was merely being sarcastic when he told the followers of his church that he would charge them money for the gel. As for the claim that the gel would protect people against the coronavirus, the pastor said that the Bible itself states that for believers “all things are possible and that he was merely encouraging people to keep their hands clean.”

Unfortunately for Gimenez, there are videos going around online that show him peddling the blessed antibacterial gel at church for about $15, per bottle. He has been formally charged and is now facing between fifteen days to a year behind bars.

Source: OddityCentral